[WEB SECURITY] In depth security scanning versus breadth based

robert at webappsec.org robert at webappsec.org
Tue Jul 7 20:14:53 EDT 2009

Hello Everyone,
Many automated tools are great at crawling/attacking every url they discover, however fail to properly visit URL sequences
in order. For example you must complete a 5 page process to get to the functionality on page 6. Certain commercial products
support 'macro's' where you can record those 'url sequences' in order and can later audit them in order. What are the lists        
experiences with getting blackbox tools to perform this depth of review in a pre/post production environment?
If you plan on replying with one of the following replies you will be ignored! :)
- Debating the types of attacks/weaknesses tools are good at finding
- Debating source code/sca analysis vs blackbox
- Pitching your product/service                    

- Robert A.
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