[WEB SECURITY] my website captcha broken??

Raymond Forbes rforbes at e-stalkers.net
Sat Jan 31 03:18:52 EST 2009

Are you using one of the open source or bought projects or did you roll your


On 1/30/09 10:11 PM, "Luis Matus" <matus.investiga at gmail.com> wrote:

> I need some advice. I work for a company that provides sms service on line
> from our web  site. The websites uses captcha but some how hackers have  been
> able to break the captcha or work around it, because they (hackers) have
> created a web capable to send sms through  our website.
> I've know they're using our web site  because  whe can see their website
> server IP in our database logs.
> Do you have any pointers of how could the problem be adressed?
> Perhaps you might have some similar stories that may give me a clue of how
> they did it?
> Greetings.

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