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    One of the things I've preached (whether anyone listens or not) is that the efficiency of the crawler is a terrible way to test the effectiveness of a web application security scanner.  There are many tools tests that have been conducted that seem to base the entire foundation of the test based on the methodology of 1) input URL, 2) click "GO", 3) review results... that's an absolutely abismal test base.

    I understand that a crawler is an integral part of the web app security scanner - but I strongly feel that the crawler and the scanner engine are two very, very different things.  A proper vuln scanner engine test would manually provide input for which sections of an application are to be tested, and then, and only then, push the GO button.

    I know some of you disagree - but maybe we can get some intelligent discourse around this?

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  I agree completely - the author seems to have no credentials which justify being in any position to perform testing of any sort, 
  the whole "black magic" atmosphere and arrogant attitude is more than suspicious.

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