[WEB SECURITY] JBroFuzz 1.2 Released

subere at uncon.org subere at uncon.org
Fri Jan 23 10:18:18 EST 2009

Version 1.2 (codename Athena) introduces the ability to open, load and  
save files on fuzzing sessions using the .jbrofuzz format. Graphing  
has been expanded to a tab and can be performed at any time. Also, a  
headers tab, including default headers of a number of operating system  
browsers has been included.



The file menu includes a number of new options, introduced graphing  
functionality with a number of new metrics, such as Hamming Distance  
and the Jaccard Index coefficient, based on the characters of first  
response received back. Text can be wrapped when viewing response  
files and finally the help topics and faq are now independent of the  
main window.

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