[WEB SECURITY] Web Hacking Incidents update for Jan 19th

Ofer Shezaf ofer at shezaf.com
Mon Jan 19 07:42:51 EST 2009

The incidents reported on WHID (the web hacking incidents database) last
week where:

* WHID 2009-3: Google Trends Falls Victim to a Stunt
	A very good example of why insufficient anti-automation is becoming
a major threat to web applications.

* WHID 2009-4: Twitter Personal Info CSRF (http://whid.xiom.com/whid-2009-4)
	If you thought Web 2.0 was dangerous, but didn't know just how (or
what Web 2.0 is...), this incident is your answer.

* WHID 2009-5: School data hacked, grades altered
	Every student's dream comes true.

* WHID 2009-6: InfoGov switch hosting due to lack of security

* WHID 2009-7: China's Yeepay.com Suffers Internet Payment Hacker Attack

An interesting 2008 incident added recently is WHID 2008-53: "SQL by Design"
leaks Thousands of SSNs at an Oklahoma Gov site
l_Security_Numbers). This one demonstrates a too common variant of SQL
injection, which I labeled "SQL by design".

~ Ofer

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