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> I'll dissent from this list's most vocal constituency by saying that I like
> the CWE work, find it insightful (especially in terms of root cause
> identification), and most likely a terrific step in the right direction
> from
> a big picture perspective.

I 100% agree that CWE is a great step towards a better taxonomy
for identifying and classifying vulnerabilities and defects with security
implications. Too many consultants do a poor job of this.

Note that CWE != CWE/SANS Top 25


An example of why I like this list might be helpful here...
> Take CWE-20, Improper Input Validation and assume we're talking to an
> executive at a bank about a situation where an application allows a user to
> enter data and the application never checks the data or doesn't check it
> well enough. Our approach is to use an analogy based on client loan
> applications, which are native terrain for a bank executive. "Imagine a
> person applies for a loan by filling out a form, however, your loan officer
> never checks the person's name against a driver's license or other form of
> legal identification. You could end up issuing a loan to someone using a
> false name and never be able to track that person down." Hopefully, this
> little example conveys the message that all input should be verified before
> the organization considers it trusted. In my experience it's these little
> stories that can make or break a briefing to executives. Our objective,
> talking with the executive, is to gain support for an initiative to make
> sure all applications under the bank's control use proper input validation
> mechanisms.

So you agree that to explain to an executive an otherwise challengingly
abstract concept with zero business implications like "Improper Input
you need to rely on describing a specific attack vector?

It sounds like you and I are on the exact same page on the two points above.


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