[WEB SECURITY] Looking For Some Proxy Advice

Mark Feferman Mark.Feferman at Halliburton.com
Thu Aug 20 14:14:51 EDT 2009

What about WebScarab?  I think it supports all of these things.

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Subject: [WEB SECURITY] Looking For Some Proxy Advice

Does anyone know of a free HTTP proxy that can be easily installed on a desktop and has the following capabilities?

1.  Ability to configure an outgoing proxy server.
2.  Support for an outgoing proxy server that requires NTML authentication.
3.  Ability to define a "proxy bypass list" so that the outgoing proxy server is not used for specific IP addresses or hostnames.
4.  Ability to point a web application scanner at this proxy and run a scan through the proxy without the proxy bogging down and crashing.

Paros supports items 1, 2, and 3 above but doesn't seem to be designed to route a large number of requests through it since it's more of a manual testing tool and is trying to store all the HTTP requests/responses.  In this case I'm not really interested in storing or viewing the HTTP requests/responses, just need a way to intelligently route requests to certain hostnames through an outgoing proxy server and bypass the outgoing proxy server for other hostnames.


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