[WEB SECURITY] HTTP parameters fragmentation

Dmitriy Evteev devteev at ptsecurity.com
Wed Aug 19 10:13:16 EDT 2009

While preparing an article about WAF bypassing methods, I found an
interesting way to bypass filters via HTTP parameters fragmentation. 


Vulnerable code example

Query("select * from table where a=".$_GET['a']." and b=".$_GET['b']);


The following request doesn't allow to conduct an attack



The following request's succeeded using HPF



In the case, SQL request looks like

select * from table where a=1 union/* and b=*/select 1,2


Another example:

Query("select * from table where a=".$_GET['a']." and b=".$_GET['b']." limit

Query("select * from table where a=".$_GET['a']." and b=".$_GET['b']." order
by ".$_GET['c']." limit 1");


Using HPF (HTTP Parameter Fragmentation), the request's succeeded:



The question is: is there any name for the technique? Please, advise me if
you know articles or experts in  the field (for example, I found a reference
voriteXSS-SLIDES.pdf, page 79). 

Thank you for help and cooperation in advance!


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Best Regards, Dmitry Evteev 
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