[WEB SECURITY] Re: Minimal User Interaction with Links

Bil Corry bil at corry.biz
Mon Aug 17 14:18:29 EDT 2009

51l3n73y3s wrote on 8/17/2009 12:14 PM: 
> You got it wrong too.The certificate is popping right after the "google"
> search, not after clicking on any of the links. I have attached the
> screenshot at the bugzilla link mentioned before.

Google includes a prefetch link for the search first result which causes Firefox to prefetch the URL.  You can disable this behavior in Firefox by going to "about:config", filter on "network.prefetch-next" and set it to "false".  More info here:


That second URL mentions pre-fetching on HTTPS was originally disabled for security reasons, but in FF3.5 was enabled.  Perhaps you could make the argument that it should be disabled again via your bug.

- Bil

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