[WEB SECURITY] Web application security - basics

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Another plug:

Here we combine the statistics of WhiteHat, WASC and our experience to
create a non-technical whitepaper about web application security

Hope this helps...


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It's almost a year old, but it covers everything in the OWASP Top 10
(and a little more).  (You should probably skip the architectural stuff
and go directly to slide 23).  The demos correspond to WebGoat lessons.
I will most likely be updating this presentation soon, but then again
I've been saying that for a while...


Bruce Peifer wrote: 

Perhaps this paper would help?




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I'm looking a paper which explain the basics of application security
(critical vulenrabilities, why web application are vulnerable,  what are
the impact of attacks, how can we test applications ...)
There are a lot of document (especially on OWASP) but I don't find a
document which summarize application security




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