[WEB SECURITY] winAUTOPWN v1.9 - "Unpolished Sita Release"

QUAKER DOOMER quakerdoomer at inbox.lv
Fri Apr 17 01:28:37 EDT 2009

Dear all,

With a bit of grief I want to announce "Unpolished Sita Release" of  winAUTOPWN 
v1.9 .

This version contains all exploits uptill 11th April 2009 and a Few till 16th April 2009.
This version contains a slight internal modification to welf to run faster.
No changes to WINDOWS AUTOPWN Exploit Loading Language has been made.
You can script with the same tags.
It's only the internals of WINDOWS AUTOPWN Exploit Loading Framework's which 
has changed to enable faster parsing of the script file.

Daily/Weekly Snapshot/Beta Releases of winAUTOPWN won't be announced but this 
one is being announced because many of us couldn't download the previous release.

This was the aftermath of the recent "website downtime" incident in which I lost my 
webhost account along with my backup of the most recent Website changes.

The website http://winautopwn.co.nr is back online but has the old look.

I urge every visitor search in cache, Temporary Internet Files, etc. for the traces of 
latest html copy of Windows Autopwn Website (post 11th April 2009 update) and 
send it across to me till 30th April 2009.
Any inputs will be really appreciated.

Enjoy the Release.

The Latest available release now is winAUTOPWN version 1.9

Coded by : Azim Poonawala (QUAKERDOOMER)

winAUTOPWN available at http://winautopwn.co.nr

Author's website : http://solidmecca.co.nr

winAUTOPWN is updated almost daily. Check the Download page for weekly 
Latest Release can always be downloaded from : http://winautopwn.co.nr

"winAUTOPWN - WINDOWS AUTOPWN (For The True HyperSomniac H-a-c-k-e-r-z-


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