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Hey readers -

    I've been researching the topic of Web App Sec "Whitebox" testing and have seen some significant failures and problems with the general concept in modern implementations.  That being said, I've written a 2-part series of articles that I thought I would ask for the community's response on.  Given that the first "problems" article has gotten some decent response I posted the follow-up tonight... if you have a minute and would like to provide me some feedback, please give this a read.

    Quick disclaimer, I work for HP ASC so the view in the "solution" is obviously working off of the technology advancements we're implementing (that being said, it's *not* a product plug, I promise).  Obviously the opinion here is mine, and no one else's... except where quoted.

    Again, I appreciate everyone's constructive feedback and welcome any discourse on the topic.  I honestly don't think we're giving this topic enough attention and hopefully this shines a spotlight.

Part 1
Static Code Analysis Failures

Part 2
Hybrid Analysis - The Answer to Static Code Analysis Shortcomings 


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