[WEB SECURITY] Confirmed Program for SyScan'08 Hong Kong

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Sun May 11 05:37:03 EDT 2008

dear all

the program for SyScan'08 Hong Kong is confirmed.

date: May 29th and 30th, 2008
venue: Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong

Attacking Telco Core Network - Philippe Langlois (TSTF)
Real World Kernel Pool Exploitation - Kostya Kortchinsky (Immunity)
Cyber Crime: Follow the Money - Pedro Bueno (McAfee)
The Powerful Evil on Mobile Phone - Nanik (COSEINC)
Securing Your Web Application Codes - Kurt Grutzmacher (Pacific Gas)
Hacking RFiD Devices: Octopus Card?? - Adam Laurie (RFIDI0T.org)
Attacking Anti-Virus - Sowhat (Nevis Lab)
Anti-Forensic: Leaving the Police No Trails (the Grugq)
Media Security in VOiP Systems - Shao Weidong (Secure Minded Consulting)
Rambling on the Private Data Security: No more Eason Chan - Sun Bing

Look out for SyScan'08 Singapore and SyScan'08 Taiwan.

Thank you
Thomas Lim

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