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Sat Jun 7 16:20:16 EDT 2008

There are lots of sources both on the web and off that explain how
CSRF works.  Following are two:

* Prof. John Mitchell from Stanford provides a verbal + slide
explanation of how regular and login CSRF works (with a code example)
in the May 14th, 2008 archived webinar at:


It also illustrates how CSRF is used to conduct pharming attacks.

(Just click "View FREE archived webinars!")

* Christoph Kern wrote up an running code example on CSRF/XSRF (with
mitigation strategies) for our book as part of the chapter on
cross-domain attacks, and you can access it at:


(The URL above points directly to the relevant section, but you may
need to read a few of the preceding pages to get the context.)

Hope that helps!

-- Neil

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> Hi,
> Can anybody explain me how CSRF works, (with some code example)
> Thanks
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-- Neil

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