[WEB SECURITY] SQID v0.3 - SQL Injection Digger.

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Mon Jan 14 14:31:24 EST 2008

SQL injection digger is a command line program that looks for SQL
injections and common errors in websites. This version now can
perform the following operations.

* Look for SQL injections and common errors in website urls found
   by performing a google search.
* Look for SQL injections and common erros in a given url or a file
   with urls.
* Look for SQL injections and common errors in links from a web page.
* Crawl a website/webpage and do the above.

Also supports.

* Load multiple triggers from file.
* Load multiple signature databases from files.
* HTTPS support.
* HTTP proxy support with authentication.
* Basic authentication.
* Specify user agent.
* Specify referer.
* HTTP Cookies loading from command line or a file.

SQID's greatest strength lies in its simple architecture of inserting
triggers in URL parameters and matching responses using regular
expressions. Hence one can use it for other purposes also.

SQID can be downloaded from http://sqid.rubyforge.org.

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