[WEB SECURITY] Web Application Security Awareness Day

n3td3v xploitable at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 12:32:36 EDT 2008

Web Application Security Awareness Day will be host on May 1st 2008.

A winner will be declared for the best web application bug.

To be in the running, your submission must be publically disclosed to
a mailing list on May the 1st 2008.
This will be the first time Web Application Security Awareness Day has
taken place.

I hope it will catch on and that it will take place every year.

The purpose of Web Application Security Awareness Day? To bring
awareness towards
the causes and issues surrounding web application security.

Why May 1st 2008? Because web applications are closely related to e-commerce
and May Day is a common day for peaceful anti-capitalism protests, so
it makes sense
to be on this day.

I hope through an increase in web application bug disclosure on this
day it will draw attention to web application security, for the better
of everyone.

Web Application Security Awareness Day is a work in development, if it
is successful this year,
I will add more award catorgories for next year.

All submissions must be legal and above board, I do not want things compromised.

Happy web application bug hunting!


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