[WEB SECURITY] Use of virtual servers for security separation

tlmacgi at regence.com tlmacgi at regence.com
Fri Mar 31 13:39:26 EST 2006

Virtual Machines, Virtual LANs -- virtual almost everything on blade
servers.  does anyone have standards they have developed to govern
where/how these are used, in terms of security 'separation'?   For
instance, a design was placed in front of me a few days ago which had the
HTTP, app and data servers all on the same physical box, in VM partitions.
I said 'hold on', and asked that they be on separate physical boxes, since
we have not developed policy/strategy around virtual machines.

I'm also seeing requests to VLAN:  they want to 'virtually' instead of
using physical separation to meet the security requirements for separate
zones and/or segments.

What is everyone seeing?  Any good guidance on this that you have seen?

We are going to be convening a task force to look at all these issues,
including blade servers, as, like everyone else, we just can't accomodate
physically separate infrastructure for everything anymore.

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