[WEB SECURITY] A Modular Approach to Data Validation in Web Applications

Stephen de Vries stephen at corsaire.com
Mon Mar 27 05:43:33 EST 2006

A Corsaire White Paper:

A Modular Approach to Data Validation in Web Applications


Data that is not validated or poorly validated is the root cause of a  
number of serious security vulnerabilities affecting applications.  
This paper presents a modular approach to performing thorough data  
validation in modern web applications so that the benefits of modular  
component based design; extensibility, portability and re-use, can be  
realised. It starts with an explanation of the vulnerabilities  
introduced through poor validation and then goes on to discuss the  
merits and drawbacks of a number of common data validation strategies  
such as:
- Validation in an external Web Application Firewall;
- Validation performed in the web tier (e.g. Struts); and
- Validation performed in the domain model.
Finally, a modular approach is introduced together with practical  
examples of how to implement such a scheme in a web application.



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