[WEB SECURITY] The Software Security Summit East 2006 (June 5-7)

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Mon Mar 27 00:55:37 EST 2006

We'd like to point out an interesting security conference happening between June 5-7 entitled the Software Security Summit East 2006.
Some of the talks listed include:

* Building Security In: Implementing a Software Security Improvement Program
* Secure Coding in C and C++
* Improving Security and Compliance—Without Stifling Architectural Creativity
* Conducting Structured C/C++ Reviews 
* Secure Web Site: From Dream to Reality
* The Hacking Evolution: New Trends in Exploits and Vulnerabilities
* Software Protection—Making Software Self-Protecting
* A Manager's Security Checklist
* What to Do When Someone Finds a Security Hole in Your Development Project 
* Securing J2EE Applications: Coding Patterns for Secure Connections to Services
* The Dirty Baker’s Dozen: How to Kill 13 Top Web Application Vulnerabilities at the Source
* The Role of Standards in Application Security
* Hack-Proof Your Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
* Make Source Code Analysis Part of the Security Review Process
* Anatomy of a Database Attack
* Secure Coding Techniques for Internet Applications
* Core Security Patterns For Secure Software Design
* Attacking Web Services: Why They're Vulnerable. How to Protect Them 
* Open-Source Tools: To Attack and Defend
* There's A Flaw in Your (Application) Logic

Additional Information can be found at:


- contact_at__webappsec.org

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