[WEB SECURITY] Hacking Vegas WebAppSec Style

Jeremiah Grossman jeremiah at whitehatsec.com
Wed Mar 22 12:03:52 EST 2006

The Code Room is a 1/2 hour internet TV show bases around information  
security. Episode 3 shows bad guys using a combination of SQL  
Injection and Session Hi-Jacking to steal 4.5 million dollars from a  
Vegas casino.  The episode stars familiar names such as Joel  
Scambray, Caleb Sima, Duane Laflotte, John Viega, etc.

Web application security is becoming mainstream. The dramatic film  
style made the show entertaining.   And for the stars being real life  
tech-geeks, the acting wasn't half bad. Check out those nicknames  
too! :)

Download Here:


Jeremiah Grossman
Founder and CTO, WhiteHat Security

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