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The Symposium on Security for Asia Network aims to be a very different 
security conference from the rest of the security conferences that the 
information security community in Asia has come to be so familiar and 
frustrated with. SyScan’06 intends to be a non-product, non-vendor 
biased security conference. It is the aspiration of SyScan’06 to 
congregate, in Singapore, the best security experts in their various 
fields, to share their research, discovery and experience with all 
security enthusiasts in Asia.

The speakers that will be at SyScan’06 are among the best, and 
brightest. These experienced security professionals at the vanguard of 
leading information security technology have assembled unique new 
material that they will present at this conference to help you maintain 
your technological leadership and stay abreast of the latest 
developments in this rapidly moving technological field.

This two-day symposium will be held in a relaxed and informal 
atmosphere, allowing all participants to enjoy themselves whilst 
expanding their knowledge on information security.

Besides main the conference, there will also be specialized security 
training courses in SyScan’06. These classes will be held before the 
main conference.

Training - 18th and 19th July 2006
Conference - 20th and 21st July 2006

Venue: Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel, Singapore.

Speakers at SyScan’06 will enjoy the following privileges.

Generic Privileges
• Return economy class air-ticket for one person.
• Hotel accommodation.
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner during conference.
• After-conference party.
• A healthy dose of alcohol.

Special Privileges
• *One selected speaker from each category will receive US$1,000 
honorarium in cash.
Selection will be based on the following criteria:
o New presentation not seen in any other conferences before.
• **Presentations that reveal unpublished/undisclosed 
vulnerabilities/exploits/techniques/malware will receive US$2,000 
honorarium in cash.
Selection will be based on the following criterion:
o Critical zero-day vulnerability, or
o Working exploits (can be reproduce and must have POC), or
o New techniques for:
 Discovery of vulnerability, or
 Exploiting existing vulnerability
o New form of malware.

The SyScan'06 CFP Committee is made up of the following people:
1) Dave Aitel - Immunitysec
2) Matthew "Shok" Conover - Symantec
3) SK Chong - Scan Associates
4) Thomas Lim - SyScan

CFP submission must include the following information:

1) Brief biography including list of publications and papers published 

2) Proposed presentation title, category, synopsis and description.

3) Contact Information (full name, alias, handler, e-mail, postal 
address, phone,
fax, photo, country of origin, special dietary requirement).

4) Employment and/or affiliations information.

5) Any significant presentation and educational experience/background.

6) Why is your material different or innovative or significant or an 
important tutorial?

All submission must be in English in either MS Office or OpenOffice or 
PDF format. The more information you provide, the better the chance for 
selection. Please send submission to cfp at syscan.org. Submission must be 
done no later than 30th April 2006.

Final CFP Submission – 30th April 2006
Notification of Acceptance – 15th May 2006
Final Accepted Presentation Material Submission – 30th June 2006

The following categories are the focus for SyScan’06:

64-bit Vista
Mobile Devices

The scopes of the focus are broad and include, but not restricted to the
following areas:

64-bit Vista
• Vulnerabilities
o Kernel
o Protocols
• Exploits
o Kernel
o Protocols
o Shellcodes
• Malware
o Virus
o Rootkit
o Spyware

Mobile Devices (embedded systems)
• Vulnerabilities
o Operating Systems
o Applications
• Exploits
o Operating Systems
o Applications
• Malware
o Virus

• Rootkits
• Spyware

• Vulnerabilities
• Exploits

• Vulnerabilities
o Kernel
o Protocols
• Exploits
o Kernel
o Protocols


Any topics that will catch the attention of the CFP committee and/or the 

Please feel free to visit SyScan’06 website to get a feel what this 
conference is all about – SHARE AND HAVE FUN!

Also lookout here for the latest update on SyScAN’06.

*It is possible and not necessary that every category will have a 
speaker that will receive the US$1000 honorarium. The CFP committee of 
SyScan’06 will be the final arbitrator on this matter.

**If your presentation meets the criterion for both categories of 
honorarium, you will receive only the higher honorarium of US$2,000 in 
cash. The CFP committee of SyScan’06 will be the final arbitrator on 
this matter.

By agreeing to speak at the SyScan’06 you are granting SyScan and 
COSEINC the rights to reproduce, distribute, advertise and show your 
presentation including but not limited to http://www.syscan.org, printed 
and/or electronic advertisements, and other form of mediums.

Thank you
Thomas Lim

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