[WEB SECURITY] Salt Storage - web.config or database?

Marian Ion marian.ion at e-licitatie.ro
Fri Jun 2 09:33:56 EDT 2006

	Basically, authentication can be attempted, commonly, by web pages, web
services, or packet generators.
	Assuming a web application, keeping the salt in the web.config or the
machine.config file, (both not accessible from web on a well configured server
as far as I know), or an xml or txt file, and the hashed passwords in the
database, prevents direct access to both items necessary to force an
	Of course, there may always be other possibilities, like man in the
middle, maybe some other ways to authenticate on a misconfigured web server,
private exploits, to access the server or to get the credentials (after all,
accessing sensitive data can also be done at a lower layer ...).
	Discussing web services (+ desktop applications) or packet generators
extends the discussion much beyond the current purpose. As well, breaking
security at system / domain level, or having web and sql on the same server.
	I think it's a matter of trust and development experience choosing
between salt + hashed in database (with different salt for each user) or keep
them separate (commonly with 1 salt for all users).

Marian Ion

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> No matter the technology, from a security point of view it 
> is best to keep them (salt and hashed passwds) separate. 

How would keeping them separate improve the security?  Whatever delivers
the authentication will inevitably need access to both, and logically
speaking it would be likely that an attacker compromising one will get
the other.  Separating them just introduces the potential for
reliability issues if the synchronisation fails...


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