[WEB SECURITY] Reminder: WASC Meet-up at Black Hat (USA 2006)

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Mon Jul 31 14:17:56 EDT 2006

Black Hat is only 2 days away and we're expecting a good turn out for the 4th 
Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) meet-up! Everyone is welcome to 
 Place: Shadow bar at Caesars
 Time: Wed, August 2 @ 6:15pm - 9:30 
 Whenever there are lots of webappsec presentations and people in the same 
 place, it's a good opportunity for members of the community to meet-up. As 
 we did last year, tucked in between the first day talks and before the vendor 
 parties, we gather to share drinks, war stories, gossip, techno babble, and 
 some laughs. With the amount web application security stuff going on at the 
 conference, our 4th WASC meet-up should be the biggest ever!
See everyone there!
Robert Auger
WASC Officer
contact at webappsec.org

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