[WEB SECURITY] Detecting, Analyzing, and Exploiting Intranet Applications using JavaScript

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Thanks for the note. 

SPI Dynamics conducted this research independently. We specifically
state in the document that Jeremiah is also doing research in this area,
and we point to his presentation at BlackHat and when and where it will
be taking place. No one at SPI has seen any published material or seen
any public presentation describing any specific techniques regarding
this area of research. We are simply publishing the techniques that we

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SPI Dynamics is late.  Jeremiah Grossman and I have been working on this
for quite a while, and he presented about it at an OWASP meeting almost
a month ago, with working demos:


It looks like your whitepaper's first paragraph is pulled almost exactly
from the first paragraph of Jeremiah's presentation overview
(suspiciously close anyway).


Maybe it's a coincidence, but even so his demo was released before yours
by nearly a month.  I think it would be curteous to revise your paper to
reflect as much.


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