[WEB SECURITY] SQL Injection:Paros and patent violation

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I have a query on usage of Paros.
  Since Paros has a feature to scan for web application vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, XSS etc does the usage of paros infringe the Patent being held by Sanctum (Now Watchfire)- US Patent Number 6,584,569 ?
  What restrictions can a patent impose on open source tools (its usage) that have implemented the patented features?
  Please share your thoughts.
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Subject: RE: [WEB SECURITY] SQL Injection
  Can anybody please provide me with advice on constructing a SQL
  Injection? I am currently auditing a web application.  During the audit
  I performed a Paros scan.  The Paros scan resulted in showing several
  area's were a SQL injection is possible; however, unless I can exploit a
  SQL injection then I am not able to prove that SQL injection is
  possible.  I am not looking for complex statements, just something
  simple that will provide me information to prove injection is possible.
  If you cannot provide this information could you please provide me with
  a reference to a book or web page that can.
  Thank you,
  Albert E. Schmidt, CPA
  Senior Information System Auditor
  Office of Legislative Audits
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