[WEB SECURITY] Fierce domain scan released

RSnake h at ckers.org
Sun Dec 31 19:19:41 EST 2006

Hello fellow web app sec folks!  I just released a new beta domain
scanner to do initial discover (before the nmap/unicornscan/nessus
scans).  It primarily uses DNS to guess and traverse through IP
addresses using forward and reverse lookups.  Once it finds hostnames it
traverses to find more, and therefore can uncover large groups of
hostnames as well as non-contiguous blocks of IP space used by the
target and it's partners.  Fierce is written in perl (now you guys get
to see what a shoddy programmer I really am):


Details are on the site.  It's beta, so forgive bugs, but I'd appreciate
questions/comments as I get it into a better state.


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