[WEB SECURITY] EV SSL certificates

Michael Sutton msutton at spidynamics.com
Fri Dec 29 16:21:29 EST 2006

> What are people's opinions on EV SSL certificates?  Will they be
> widely adopted?  Will they make a dent in phishing attacks?
> I'm going to guess that they will be widely adopted by the large
> e-commerce and financial sites, but they won't make a significant
> difference in losses due to phishing.  End users just aren't going to
> look at the URL bar enough to understand what is going on.

Certificate Authorities and criminals will benefit from EV SSL
certificates. End users on the other hand will only be left with a false
sense of security.

Will EV SSL Certificates Work?

Michael Sutton
Security Evangelist
SPI Dynamics

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