[WEB SECURITY] comparing information security to other industries

Will Jefferies wjefferies at fncinc.com
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That's a tough question to address.  I don't think the security industry
will achieve perfection no more than the other industries you listed.

Like the other disciplines, research continues, but so do the evolution
of threats.  Construction and engineering is plagued with their own set
of challenges that must be overcome.

Buildings can be engineered and constructed with a high degree of
confidence, but a good, strong storm or earthquake can still bring them
down.  Security is the same in that sense.

We can evolve our knowledge and implementations, but a good, strong
storm (or careless error) can bring it all down :-)


My 0.02





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So we have been dealing with information security from last 20 years and
still the world is at large lost. We still see banks vulnerable to
trivial XSS attacks and software broken by buffer overflows. How do we
compare to other industries like construction, engineering, finance?
What I am trying to figure out is how mature we are and how long will it
take for to get stable?

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