[WEB SECURITY] Re: [Full-disclosure] Backdooring Image Files - security notice

HASEGAWA Yosuke yosuke.hasegawa at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 21:41:58 EST 2006


On 12/15/06, pdp (architect) <pdp.gnucitizen at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I will be brief. There is a rather lame/concerning technique, most of
> you know about, that allows JavaScript to be executed upon visiting an
> image file. This issue is not due to some browser error, although
> clearly IE has some issues with it, but it is due to web applications
> not sanitizing user supplied content in a form of links.

On Windows server, FindMimeFromData function can be used IE to
know what kind of file type it is determine with on the server side.

Of course, a result may become  mismatch by the browser and
server side.

Or, adding "Content-Disposition: attachment" for response header,
It can be used to prevent executing script on browser directly.

    yosuke.hasegawa at gmail.com

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