[WEB SECURITY] Buggy preview of a new tool

Ed Moyle ed at securitycurve.com
Fri May 27 09:36:39 EDT 2005


    Not sure if anybody cares, but for the unadulterated hell of it, I've
started porting the venerable "Achilles" tool to OS X using Cocoa because I
got tired of running the old Achilles in a VM.  It's still buggy and not all
the features are in place, but I've put a preliminary version up on my
website (www.securitycurve.com/tools.htm).  If it turns out that anybody is
interested in this, I'll fix the (numerous) bugs and implement some of the
features I'm not currently using (e.g. SSL) faster than the glacial pace I
would adhere to if it's just me using it.  If this is something anybody
would use, just give a shout out and I'll keep working on it.

    Of course, if anybody wants to help, volunteers are always welcome...


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