[WEB SECURITY] "AJAX breathes new life into Web apps"

Bob Auger bauger at spidynamics.com
Tue May 24 15:10:02 EDT 2005

An intro to AJAX article got posted to slashdot today http://www.infoworld.com/article/05/05/23/21FEwebapp_1.html 

"One year ago, Thomas Lackner didn't ask much of JavaScript. When he
sketched out the architecture to a Web application, he knew he could 
count on the browser language for "set-a-cookie hacks" and for loading 
images, but he turned to the server side for the heavy lifting. But when 
Google (Profile, Products, Articles) began launching highly interactive 
Web sites such as Gmail and Google Suggest, the scales dropped from 
Lackner's eyes and he saw the opportunity.

"It all clicked in my head the middle of 2004," Lackner says. "I started 
trying to add AJAX components to every Web app I worked on."

AJAX is the newly minted acronym encompassing a fresh vision of 
empowered browsers: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Before AJAX, Web 
pages displayed links, forms, and buttons. When a user clicked on a link 
or a button, the browser sent a message to a distant server asking what 
to display next. JavaScript would typically be used for nothing more 
than to check form inputs. Web pages were as static as pages in a book. 
" - Infoworld

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