[WEB SECURITY] collecting real world web hacking url's

Jeremiah Grossman jeremiah at whitehatsec.com
Tue May 24 11:46:53 EDT 2005

In the recent past we've read about some high-profile security 
incidents where web application security played a role. Sometimes even 
involving Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, most mainstream media accounts 
of incidents contain precious few details about how the compromise was 
achieved. Occasionally we'll see descriptions of changing parameters to 
see someone else's order details or the infamous SQL Injection. These 
we can attribute the web application security.

I'm going to compile a list of news stories, articles, papers, etc 
specific to real world web application security incidents. If you've 
bookmarked these types of links, please email me (off-line). After I'm 
finish sanitizing the list, I'll share them back out to everyone.

Thank you,


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