[WEB SECURITY] Re: Validating new PHP code [DEAD]

Jeremiah Grossman jeremiah at whitehatsec.com
Thu May 19 15:02:08 EDT 2005

Moderator Note:

Unless someone has new ideas to share or URL's pointing to currently 
available material, we're going to kill the "implementation" portion of 
this thread. Those involved have what they need to proceed off-line. 
When the new website is ready, please feel free to post back with 

Thank you.

>> From: Robert Jones <drjonesac2 at gmail.com>
>> Date: Thu May 19, 2005  11:48:47  AM US/Pacific
>> To: websecurity at webappsec.org
>> Subject: Re: [WEB SECURITY] Re: Validating new PHP code
>> Reply-To: Robert Jones <drjonesac2 at gmail.com>
>> I just purchased securemycode.org. Sound good to everyone?
>> On 5/19/05, Bob Radvanovsky <rsradvan at unixworks.net> wrote:
>>> I can have a server, patched and ready, with some blogging software 
>>> within a
>>> few days.  Got any preferences?  I also had made suggestions of 
>>> contribution
>>> to the group as my part of contribution to the overall cause.
>>> Check it out: http://www.unixworks.com.  I would do this for 
>>> **FREE**.  Disk
>>> of about 20-40 GB, RedHat FC3 (patched), Apache 2, PHP 4, MySQL, 
>>> Perl 5.6,
>>> etc, etc.
>>> What'ya say?

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