[WEB SECURITY] [guardian-users] jumperz_net_075.jar released (fwd)

zeno at cgisecurity.net zeno at cgisecurity.net
Mon May 16 13:39:48 EDT 2005

"Guardian at JUMPERZ.NET is an open source application layer firewall for HTTP/HTTPS. It works as a reverse 
proxy server. It analyzes all HTTP/HTTPS traffic against rule-based signatures and protects web servers 
and web applications from attack. When unauthorized activity is detected, Guardian at JUMPERZ.NET can 
disconnect the TCP connection before the malicious request reach the web server."

> From: Kanatoko <anvil at jumperz.net>
> To: guardian-users at jumperz.net
> Subject: [guardian-users] jumperz_net_075.jar released
> Hi list,
> jumperz_net_075.jar is released.
> available at http://guardian.jumperz.net/index.html?i=003
> "Console" function is added.
> For more details about this new function, please read the following.
> http://guardian.jumperz.net/manual/en/body069.html
> Thanks.
> -- 
> Kanatoko<anvil at jumperz.net>
> Open Source WebAppFirewall
> http://guardian.jumperz.net/

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