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Pablo, I am working on a system right now for this, and based on excellent
recommendations from the fine people on this list, I have adopted a (mostly)
"whitelist" stance. The code I am writing splits the input at each "<" into
an array, and then evaluates each item. I have an array of "good" HTML tags
that I compare each item against, and if they don't match, I remove them
entirely. If they do match, then I process them through a filter that uses a
few regular expressions I cobbled together to search for things like
"script" or "&#x73&#x63&#x72&#x69&#x70&#x74". I have found a lot of useful
regular expression help at www.regexlib.com, and XSS exploit code to test
with at http://ha.ckers.org/xss.html. 

Good luck,
Dain White
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Hi people

Do you happen to know of any library like the PHP Filter one but that is
able to strip *certain* HTML entities, i.e., I have a forum, people can
post using an WYSIWYG, so I want to allow stuff like <b> <i> <u> but I
really don't want to allow <iframe> <script>.

It just pop to my head how does stable boards handle stuff like
onClick=""? I mean, do the manage <a href="#"
and what about <a href="javascript:...."> ???

Ok, if you are aware of something like this, please, drop me a line


Best regards,

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