[WEB SECURITY] Security Audit Software

Arin Komins akomins at uchicago.edu
Thu Jun 23 12:24:00 EDT 2005

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, dpw wrote:

:Subject: [WEB SECURITY] Security Audit Software
:Howdy everyone,
:I need to research and hopefully purchase some software to help us evaluate
:and test the web apps we develop. I realize that the readers of this list
:are immeasurably more qualified to identify the strengths / weaknesses of
:these kinds of software than I am, and hope someone out there can give me
:some useful insight.
:SPI Dynamics is so far the only software on my radar for this purpose, but
:does anyone else have recommendations for security auditing software they
:trust? Alternatively - does anyone own / use SPI Dynamics' software, and do
:you feel that it's worth a purchase? 

I've got a corollary question:

Does anyone have a good list of requirements that they use while 
evaluating products in this space?

If you, would you be willing to share?


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