[WEB SECURITY] Security Audit Software

dpw dainw at fsr.com
Wed Jun 22 16:35:27 EDT 2005

Howdy everyone,

I need to research and hopefully purchase some software to help us evaluate
and test the web apps we develop. I realize that the readers of this list
are immeasurably more qualified to identify the strengths / weaknesses of
these kinds of software than I am, and hope someone out there can give me
some useful insight.

SPI Dynamics is so far the only software on my radar for this purpose, but
does anyone else have recommendations for security auditing software they
trust? Alternatively - does anyone own / use SPI Dynamics' software, and do
you feel that it's worth a purchase? 

Thanks in advance,
Dain White
Senior Developer - Webmaster
First Step Internet, L.L.C.
www.fsr.com | www.fsr.net

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