[WEB SECURITY] Auditing Web Application Security

Lander Bouten landerbouten at telenet.be
Tue Jun 14 15:21:04 EDT 2005


I'm a finalyear student MIT (Management (Multimedia) and Information 
Technology) in Belgium and as final year project I'm working on a paper 
about auditing the security in web applications. It will (I hope) be 
used by KPMG Antwerp.
I've based my analyses on OWASP documents, WASC informations and other 
comparable resources.

Are there other interesting documents, websites you can share with me?
It would be nice to have some advice from experts!

Thanks in advance,
Lander Bouten

PS: Sorry for my, not so good, english writing

Lander Bouten
Student MIT, Courtrai, Belgium
landerbouten at telenet.be

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