[WEB SECURITY] Firewall recommendations

Jason Dixon jason at dixongroup.net
Wed Jun 8 09:04:51 EDT 2005

On Jun 8, 2005, at 8:21 AM, Gavin McDougall wrote:

> I need any comments, suggestions or recommendations on a firewall 
> solution for a web hosting environment.
> My boss is looking at spending a lot of money on a GnatBox appliance 
> firewall but I am arguing that you could probably do the same, if not 
> a better job by using a Linux based firewall solution.
> So if you are using a GnatBox or any other firewall in your 
> web-hosting environment please let us know of your experiences.

If all you need is a single firewall system with no redundancy, use 
whatever you're familiar with.  The best firewall is one you won't 
screw up.  ;-)

On the other hand, if you need stateful failover, redundancy, 
load-balancing (L2 & L3), then you should consider OpenBSD's PF.

Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting

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