[WEB SECURITY] apache issue

Matthieu Estrade mestrade at apache.org
Tue Jun 7 13:16:32 EDT 2005

You should ask on #apache on irc.freenode.net
I bet you will have a quick and valid answer


Anita Salerno wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using Apache/2.0.52. I've copied the configuration file of the 
> previous apache's
> version, as I do when upgrading to a new version of Apache (I 
> configure only the new
> httpd.conf manually), and now the problem is that none of the security 
> measures work, I'm
> bypassing all of them (.htaccess and ip list specification).
> When I'm desprate, I've configured the access file as follow:
> Order Deny,Allow
> Deny from all
> and I still have access to the web site.
> Any idea ?
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