[WEB SECURITY] Fraud hits UK tax credit Website - $52 million

Kurt R. Roemer kroemer at netcontinuum.com
Tue Dec 6 15:03:31 EST 2005

Jeremiah asked me to forward this interesting news item along to the list.
December 05, vnunet.com - Fraud hits UK tax credit Website. HM Revenue 
and Customs (HMRC) has announced that it has shut down its online 
application Website as a result of a $52 million fraud. The department said
that it 
has identified and prevented attempts to defraud the Tax Credits system by
making claims through the tax credits e-portal. As a result it has closed
the site while it develops new checks to ensure greater security. A criminal
investigation has been launched into the possible misuse of a number of 
UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) staff identities in fraudulent 
tax credit claims. The fraud relates to internal information held about 
staff and not the external records held by the DWP. 



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