[WEB SECURITY] enumerating all GET and POST params

Antonio Fontes newsalaksa at nxtg.net
Tue Dec 6 02:30:41 EST 2005

Exactly, I have some custom script I'd like to run against
all the parameters. I need some kind of list simply containing
all GET and POST params and their associated URL to 
run my own custom checks.

I guess this is crawling or spidering stuff and that wouldn't 
be really productive to rebuild such a tool = / 

Well, I tried 'Charles' and it lacks a few 'vital' features which 
I regularly use in Paros proxy. And it still needs manual scan 
to identify the website structure, Paros does it automatically

Maybe should I ask my question differently : automatic scanning
didn't give me satisfying results during my recent audits. 
A few tests later, I could identify a few GET or POST parameters which 
were not sensible to any injection attack but defense in depth 
hadn't been applied, though... meaning for example that I could
manipulate other member's items. 

That's one example why I also do manual checks during my audits 
and I feel that writing down every param I see on a sheet of paper 
isn't really the most productive mean...

I simply would like to enter www.mysite.com then that tool would 
scan it and return me a list of URLS having GET or POST parameters
 like this: 

url: news.asp?id=12 
get: id
post: -
url: authenticate.asp
get: -
post: login, password, btnlogin, datestamp
url: edit.asp?id=21&grpid=any&search=test
get: id, grpid, search
post: btnsearch, tbsearch
and so on...



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