[WASC-WHID] WHID 2011-70: US Postal Service Website Hit With 'Blackhole' Exploit

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Mon Apr 25 09:18:49 EDT 2011

*Entry Title: *WHID 2011-70: US Postal Service Website Hit With 'Blackhole'
*WHID ID: *2011-70
*Date Occurred: *April 8, 2011
*Attack Method: *Unknown
*Application Weakness: *Improper Output Handling
*Outcome: *Planting of Malware
*Attacked Entity Field: *Retail
*Attacked Entity Geography: *
*Incident Description: *The US Postal Service website received an unwelcome
delivery this week of a new attack rapidly spreading among legitimate
websites. USPS became the latest victim of the so-called "Blackhole"
toolkit, a wildly popular website attack kit that's easy to use and provides
obfuscation features that help it evade antivirus detection.
*Mass Attack: *No
*Reference: *
*Attack Source Geography:*
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