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Wag the dog effect is remarkably strong with Gartner. And i wonder if you
can get into mq without "sponsoring some research".

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> Matthieu,
> On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Matthieu Estrade
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> > I also agree here, Gartner MQ is a market analysis and not a technical
> > analysis as WAFEC is.
> > WAFEC goal is to provide a list of criteria to let people choose the good
> > WAF considering their Web apps, infrastructure, context etc.
> Even if a WAF has a superior technical capability, the management
> accountable for procurement have never been fired for purchasing an
> inferior product listed on the Gartner MQ.
> Hence, WAFEC should influence Gartner to require mandatory technical
> controls in their product selection of the MQ.
> Maybe Gartner had also considered WAFEC when creating their crietria
> for the MQ for instance?  We can't answer this question until we have
> completed this research as any statement until then is hearsay.
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