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Mon Jan 7 05:04:53 EST 2013

Hi All,


I am happy to announce that I got accepted to facilitate a peer-2-peer
session on WAFEC at RSA. More details hare:

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While this session is limited to RSA conference delegates, I think it is a
very good opportunity to promote WAFEC and get feedback from people who are
not usually exposed to it.


In addition I would love to hold an open session on WAFEC alongside the
conference to which everyone can come. To that end, I would like to know:

*         Who will be in RSA and would like to participate?

*         Would any of our corporate participants (WAF vendors.) be willing
to sponsor a place for such a meeting?


Drop me a note if you like would join or can sponsor.


~ Ofer


Ofer Shezaf

[+972-54-4431119; ofer at shezaf.com <mailto:ofer at shezaf.com> , www.shezaf.com]


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