[WASC-WAFEC] Proposed "Conflict of Interest" Section?

Christian Heinrich christian.heinrich at cmlh.id.au
Sun Aug 4 21:34:08 EDT 2013


On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 3:25 PM, Ofer Shezaf <ofer at shezaf.com> wrote:
> This is a community project: people will always have a day job and a night
> job and they are never completely separated. As long as we keep transparency
> and open review to everyone, listed or not, and I believe your pointers
> shows that we do, we are OK and I will not add such a "warning".

SVP of Marketing do not have engage in night jobs that leverage their
engineering degree! as opposed to their "creative writing" degree.

I will accept your "won't fix" response under protest.

Christian Heinrich


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