[WASC-WAFEC] About the recent discussions

Stefano Zanero zanero at elet.polimi.it
Sat Nov 17 07:06:52 EST 2012


I apologize for this late email but I'm on holiday in Japan and trying
to catch up with email as rarely as possible. Also, I'd like to further
apologize for entering this discussion while being mostly a silent
lurker here.

My impression is that there is no consensus in this community to join
another project such as OWASP, which entails a huge change we cannot
probably completely understand.

Also, my understanding is that OWASP at the moment has its own internal
issues which I already see reverberating here negatively.

My impression is that WASC and WAFEC have little, if anything to gain
from such a move, and much to lose.

My 2c.

Cordiali saluti,
Stefano Zanero

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