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Yes, bob suggested it and I am working on it in parallel. 


~ Ofer


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Hey Ofer,

Sorry for the delay. I am looking into this internally and will get back to
you ASAP.


One a similar front - I think that we should have project sub-domains on the
webappsec.org domain like -

*	wafec.webappsec.org
*	whid.webappsec.org

I guess we should check with Robert on that.




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Hi Ryan and Tom,


I went looking for a domain for WAFEC and voila. I found the "wafec.org"
belongs to Trustwave and currently doing nothing. I think it should point to
the project page
20Evaluation%20Criteria). Note that I also thinking about creating a
none-wiki site for the project so I will need to move it yet again in the


Can you assist?


~ Ofer


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