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my vote is as well yes: join WASC and OWASP for WAFEC.


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Am 12.11.2012 um 11:17 schrieb Ofer Shezaf <ofer at shezaf.com<mailto:ofer at shezaf.com>>

Hi All,

As promised I am opening the vote for making WAFEC a joined WASC and OWASP project.

The proposed guidelines for this more are (updated based on comments from the group and WASC officers):
•         The name, when affiliation is used, would be "The WASC/OWASP Web Application Firewall Evaluation Criteria".
•         Governance would be mutual, i.e. any decision about the project which is not within the project team itself has to be agreed upon by the OWASP GPC (i.e. Project Committee) and by the WASC officers. The project leader is the arbitrator in case of a conflict (this change is based on a request by Jeremiah Grossman, WASC founder).
•         Participation is open for all and does not require being an OWASP or a WASC member.

Vote Yes/No. Voting is open until Nov 19th EOD (American Samoa, that is UTC-11, time zone)

Now for my voting pitch:

I think the change is important and would benefit WAFEC tremendously. I would go a step further it is needed to ensure we actually succeed:

•         Making it happen – we need more people. I now have two chapter assigned and many are still waiting.  Joining hands with OWASP will make joining the project appealing to many more people.

•         Outreach – people in the application security community have heard about OWASP, and joining hands with OWASP would enable leveraging this to reach more people. This includes chapters outreach (from Khartoum, The Sudan to Omaha, Nebraska) as well as an official room in local and global conferences.

•         Vendor image - WASC is perceived as a "vendors' organization" and the list of participants in WAFEC certainly proves that. Affiliation with OWASP will
help popularize WAFEC also with customers, which I think is very good for the project.

I must say I think it would be hard for me to complete the project successfully otherwise.

~ Ofer

Ofer Shezaf
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