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Ofer Shezaf ofer at shezaf.com
Mon Dec 10 07:55:34 EST 2012

Hi All,


As the target date for submitting a draft for the different sections is
getting near (Dec 31st!), I would like to touch on few points regarding


First, I will take the chapters no one volunteered for.


Formats, submission and reviews:

*         Contributors:

o   Each contributor can select whatever format they wish to write in, as
long as they can share with the list in a format that everyone can read and
that I can aggregate later on. HTML would  be best. If you use a Word, share
with the list in PDF and send me the word file for consolidation once the
time comes.

o   You can either use the WAFEC Wiki to upload the files (I can assist) or
store wherever you want (for example OWASP wiki). Send only links to the

*         Reviewers:

o   Please send your comments publicly to the list. I think the discussion
should be public.

*         When the final drafts are in, I will consolidate the documents to
ensure consistent formatting.



*         Dec 31st - 1st draft

*         Jan 22nd - review period

*         Jan 31st - final draft incorporating review.

*         Feb 25th - RSA - I would like to shoot for actually releasing for
RSA. Let's make final decision once the 1st drafts are out.


As a reminder, this is the list of contributors:

*	Introduction - Ofer Shezaf 
*	What is a WAF? - Achim Hoffmann
*	Security - threats and mitigation - Ryan Barnett
*	Security - protection techniques - Ryan Barnett
*	Environment suitability (Deployment Options) - Mark Kraynak 
*	Supporting functionality - management, reporting and analytic,
security - Ofer Shezaf
*	Supporting functionality -  Performance, reliability, physical
characteristics - Ofer Shezaf
*	Supporting functionality - integration - Ofer Shezaf
*	Appendix - Integrated Related Features - Erwin Huber
*	Appendix - none technical criteria  - Erwin Huber
*	Appendix - alternative solutions - Ofer Shezaf


~ Ofer


Ofer Shezaf

[+972-54-4431119; ofer at shezaf.com <mailto:ofer at shezaf.com> , www.shezaf.com]


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